Scottish shale Scottish shale

Craignestock works, Glasgow

Former parish and county:
Parish of Glasgow, County of Lanark.
Local authority:
Glasgow city
1859 or earlier

1863-4 Glasgow post office directory

The yard, sheds, at offices in Craignestock Road served as the Glasgow storage and distribution depot of the "Bathgate partnership" of James Young, Edward Meldrum and Edward Binnie, proprietors of the Bathgate oil works. Marketing operations seem to have been conducted under the name "Edward Meldrum & Co." The partnership was dissolved in 1864 and the Bathgate oil works put up for sale. It seems that Craignestock was also put up for sale at that time, and the 1864 sales advertisment gives a good description of the range of buildings. These suggest that bulk oil was stored and blended there. Both Bathgate oil works and Craignestock were bought by James Young and passed to Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co. Ltd.

The property seems not to have fitted with the company's ambitions and was sold in about 1868

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      1862 £164 Edward Medrum & Co.
      1863 £164 Edward Meldrum & Co.
      1864 £164 Edward Meldrum & Co.
      1865 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1866 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1867 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1868 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1869 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1870 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1871 £164 Young's PL&MOCo.
      1872 £164 James Templeton Empty
      1873 £164 James Templeton Empty
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      FOR SALE, a First-Class HYDRO EXTRACTOR.

      Never been used. Will be sold cheap. Can be seen at E. Meldrum & Co.'s Craignestock.

      Glasgow Herald 10th August 1859



      To be Sold, by Public Roup, within the Facility Hall, St. Georges Place, Glasgow, on Wednesday, 14th December. 1864, at Two o'clock Afternoon (if not previously Sold by private bargain),

      ABOUT 4603 Square Yards of GROUND, with the BUILDINGS thereon, being the south-most portion of Craignestock, entering from Great Hamilton Street by Craignestock Place and next the Green of Glasgow, along which it extends on the south about 203 feet, The Property is occupied by the Proprietors as Oil Merchants. The Buildings consist of One Shed, 10 feet x 25 feet 3 inches, One do., 74.6 x 25.6, and both being 18 feet to eaves; One do., 11,0 x 23,0, x 12 feet to eaves. These Sheds have Iron Roofs, Also, Boiler Shed and Chemist's Room - all at the south end. Also, at the east end, a Cooperage, 73.0 X 22.6, and 11.6 high. Also, Counting house and Dwelling Housed on north side, near gate, and on west side an open shed 141.0 x 29.0. The property is well enclosed, is unrestricted, and is well suited either for business purposes or for building a continuation of Craignestock Place as Dwelling Houses, Apply to Nicolon & Stiven, Writers, 141 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, who have the Title Deeds, Articles of Roup, and a plan of the Ground,

      Glasgow Herald, 12th December 1864


      Removal of Craignestock Operations; It was remitted to Messrs Young Snr [Senior] and Jun {Junior] and Mr Bartholomew to consider and report as to what should be done in the matter and the probable cost.

      Meeting of the Directors of Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co. Ltd, 13th February 1868